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Sixthseal drug posting is over. I’ve been reading Sixthseal for quite sometime. His posting on experimentation of chemicals in quite informative. But it’s all over now. It’s a wonder tho how it last for about a year (or was it more?).

“I have been contacted by the authorities and I’ve agreed to delete all drug and pharmaceutical related posts in two days (before this Saturday - GMT +8). I will not write about drugs and pharmaceuticals in the future on this blog.”

The site however had its fair share of 15 minutes of fame. A local tabloid had highlight his blog on the front page under the headline ‘Laman Web Dajal‘. How cool is that? I wish my blog was on a front page of any tabloid. My blog only have about 6 or 7 unique visitors on a good day, sometime I’m lucky to get even 1 unique visitors. Sensationalism rocks here at Malaysia. Blog something sensation like your illicit activities and you got the front page. Damn!

Don’t get me wrong, It wasn’t only the drugs that attracts me to the site it’s the style of writing. Beside I got an inside of a drug user point of view without actually have to know any drug users or actually try out any chemicals. That’s power of the blogospere.

Seriously though, I do not condone the use of recreational drugs. Even though i visited Sixthseal blog, I haven’t link to it at all before this, not even on my old version of my blog, before I change to using Wordpress. I’m planing to get the old archive back up but I doubt it will be any time soon.

If you are interested on the article the english translation of the article on the tabloid Sashi blog had translated some of it.

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